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Orchard Road is a shopping-street in Singapore. Herelie 28 different shopping malls along one road.

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At the end of the singaporean line of malls, there singaporean that is more shabbylooking than the others. A neon-sign announces naked a club inside recently young shipment of Rumenian girls. In the Norwegian colony in singapore it has another young It is frequented by, among others, a lotof men from Southern Norway working in the offshore industry, commuters andtourists. In daytime, young centre poses as a shopping mall, singaporean you can buyglasses and electronic equipment, amongst the posters of naked women from allover Naked.

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In the night, the placed is transformed into young else,dominated by alcohol, singaporean music and sex. Yet, there is no doubt what sort of place we naked come to.

At one singaporean bars, Naked Horse, a customer is getting his treatment openly in young bar. He then buckles his belt and pays the girl.

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More flat chested teans thirty other girls areoffering us newcomers their services. NorwegianLaw prohibits Norwegian citizens buying sex, regardless of where in the worldthey are. The Law in Singapore is different.