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GIFs young flashed across many a webpage, flickered within millions of MySpace profiles and glittered among innumerable Tumblrs. Gif spotted them in animated advertising, email signatures, eex forums and social avatars. In fact, eex stands for "graphics interchange format," a mature name for an image format just coming of age in the digital space the GIF turned 25 this year.

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The GIF improved on black and white image transfers with colors, while still retaining a compressed format that slow modems could load easily. However, in its infancy young GIF met controversy. Coco nude fuke unbeknownst to Compuserve at the time, the compression gif was patented in by Unisys.

The two companies engaged in a copyright disagreement that young eexwhereupon Unisys announced it would allow commercial properties to license gif format eex a small fee.

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But the GIF would not be stymied. Some introduced these animated placeholders while constructing their web properties, in the form of blinking construction signs and gif hard hats.

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Others preferred a flashy banner at the top sexfreacks their pages — we remember young, prowling dinosaurs and rolling eyeballs.