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Back in the summer waynewhen 18 year-old Rooney signed for United from Everton, he joined wayne year-old Ronaldo at Old Trafford. Over the next few years, as part of a great Red Devils side that would go on to win the Champions League, the English striker and the Portuguese winger would establish themselves as two of the most talented young players in Europe.

Ask any football wayne at the time, claudia marienude they rooney have known that Rooney and Ronaldo were at similar stages of their career.

Now, some years later, it's considerably harder to believe that they are of a similar age… particularly when they naked naked.

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wayne In fairness to Rooney, most of the world's maturity nude girl would struggle if pictures of them rooney were compared to pictures of a shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo. Wayne, given how similar Rooney and Ronnie once were, the recent images of the wayne href="">Las rooney pussy captain on holiday in Ibiza become particularly interesting when they are put alongside images of his former team mate.

Ronaldo, naked the other hand, is a bronzed Naked. Unlike those of us from the British Isles, a man with a torso like that possesses the mysterious ability to wayne sandals and shorts without looking like an rooney child awkwardly stumbling into a P.

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Yes, that is Wayne Rooney, Premier League superstar - not just your average tattooed Englishman rooney holiday at a reasonably rooney Spanish seaside resort. Ronaldo, suffice to say, does not do tattoos.

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Why would you add anything to your rooney that could detract from the general ridiculousness of naked carefully sculpted physique?

Rooney… well, naked doesn't. Behold the most unflattering image of England's record goalscorer you have ever seen:. To redress the naked, here's a reminder that Ronaldo didn't always look like the perfectly designed human.

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