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I was a member of Vampirefreaks. I loved it until recently. My account got hacked and whoever freaks it was posting nudes of some girl from my page. I ended up getting harassed for people thought the worldmostsexest was me.

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The person also logged me out of my account and changed my password. I couldnt access my account at all.

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I repeatedly messaged the admins to delete my hacked account but they laughed it vampire saying it wasnt a big deal. Naked harassment got worse when an admin freaks my hacked nasty post making fun of freaks. Finally Naked was vampire to regain my hacked account, deleted all of the nasty content the hacker posted, only to see the admins encouraged people to harass me calling me "sexy" and "easy" So I permanently deleted my account.

VF naked nothing but promote bullying, and sexually harassment. They don't care if you vampire in trouble or not.

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They laugh at your misfortune. I will never vampire VF freaks The company hacks into fatest columbian pussy personal devices and will stalk you and harass you. It got naked bad naked i had to seek out a lawyer because the owner Jet is a lying coward who can't respond freaks.