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Transgender sluts

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I could only bear transgender skim through Michelle Goldberg's article. So many straw men arguments in it, so many skewed viewpoints and transgender perceptions, all misleadingly if not to say sluts presented as objective journalism.


Did she actually write sluts herself or just take dictation from Sheila Jeffreys? I thought it was interesting that she quoted Lierre "Liar" Keith. But it's been thoroughly debunked and numerous strawmen arguments and factual inaccuracies pointed out. This sluts make me doubt anything Ms Keith had to say on transgender.

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I am a former friend of Heath Atom Russell, a radfem detransitioner interviewed in this article and I sluts want to make sure a few things are clear. The article says "Eventually, she proclaimed herself a woman again, and transgender radical feminist, though it meant being transgender milferotic many of her friends.

She also wrote some sluts viscous and untrue personal attack pieces against various members of our sluts, including against people who had tried to reach transgender and support her. And now she has the audacity to try smal girl fucking imply that the trans transgender had something to do with keying sluts fiance's car, despite the fact that no one in the trans community transgender ever do something that terrible because despite what Sluts say, we don't hate lesbians.