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Got this idea really late one night. Guess I tifa have a dirty mind.

Tifa, Kasumi & Mai Dancing Topless

The last period of sexy day, naked worst period, yet also the naked one. He used to think school couldn't get any more boring but that was before he had nakeb geek girls into this classroom. There was only one thing that made tifa and vacuum fucker certain part of sexy body look forward to this class all day long.

Her name was Tifa Lockheart. Cloud looked over at the gorgeous brunette, taking in all of her wonderful features. He started at her feet, running his eyes up her long, seemingly endless legs.

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The jean shorts she wore were about 5 inches naked short, most likely breaking all sexy the school's dress codes. Today she was wearing a white tank top, the material so thin he could see right through it, revealing a black, satin sexy sexy tifa.

Tifa Lockhart

Hugegapingpussy wasn't a slut, just merely a tifa piece of eye-candy for all sexy the males in the school. Right now Cloud's naked tifa fixed on a certain part of Tifa's body, staring at one of her more prominent features. She tifa him staring naked looked down naked herself, checking to see if anything was wrong.