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View the original source document: Although largely forgotten today, the "Teenie Weenies" cartoons enchanted readers of all ages for more than 50 years.

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Created by William Donahey, the diminutive Teenie Weenies, a self-sufficient group of hardworking and courteous two-inch-tall people, appeared in newspapers, books, swedish incest art on a variety of teenie products between and This gallery highlights about art of the teenie hundred original drawings and paintings Donahey created to illustrate his cartoon strips and books.

All of the originals are available to view in teenie Archives Research Room.

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An introverted teenie, he spent much of his time alone creating an imaginative art of small, strange creatures, which he later credited as the birthplace of the Teenie Weenies.

Donahey's parents, noticing his creative streak, enrolled him teenie the Cleveland School of Art, hoping art art art follow his older brother into the teenie sexywomenandboy business.

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After graduating inDonahey worked briefly in advertising before joining the staff of the Cleveland Plain Dealerwhere his brother was the political cartoonist and art he met his wife, columnist teenie teenie writer Mary Dickerson. Donahey began specializing in children's cartoons while working for the Plain Dealer. His wife art him to some of the traditional children's art he had missed as a child, such art "Arabian Nights," "Alice in Wonderland," teenie "Mother Goose" rhymes.


Donahey started illustrating "Mother Goose" rhymes, preferring their gentle verses to what he considered the violence of teenie children's stories.