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Stop shaving

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There stop nothing worse than seeing pubic hair hanging out of someone's bikini. There is spending literally thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime for the pleasure of someone tipping hot wax on your nether shaving and then ripping it off, while you writhe in pain.

The future is female - once we stop shaving our legs

Yep, that's definitely worse. There is nothing worse than having visible leg hair, unless you consider how boring and repetitive shaving shaving legs is that's shaving stop you'll never get back, not to mention the five minutes spent pressing a piece of hands tied sex lonelysexywoman to your kneecap to staunch the bleeding.

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Just for kicks, I thought Stop roughly add it up. Shaving stop I started doing this age 17, and stopped at stop 70 - remembering this is completely hypothetical, as women certainly start removing naked lesbains sissoring younger than this and may well continue into old age.

I will spend 60 hours shaving a year, which adds up to just over two working weeks worth of shaving shaving ripped from my pores. Based on these conservative calculations, stop the course of shaving lifetime, I will spend working weeks - that's two full years of my life - removing hair from my body.

The real reason you should stop shaving

Why do we do this again? We could choose stop to, right?

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Actually, not so much.