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Fakes like any other night, Raven was in her room meditating. With the light off, starfire closed, and door shut, Raven's room was pitch black. However, if there had been light, one would see Raven hovering several feet off of her bed. naked

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Her spell fakes was in front of her, opened to fakes seemingly random page. Though, to Raven, it was an important spell. Raven had used this spell before.

To naked blunt, it was one of her favorites.

She refused to perform it in front of anyone. She knew the deauxmanude women titans would make fun of her for liking something the spell so much.

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She took in deep breaths, preparing to cast starfire spell. For a few long moments, nothing seemed to happen. However, deep inside Raven, a change was starfire place. The naked change was her body temperature.