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Politician puss

I notise you are puss the Politician shuffeling. Some peeples are scolding saying "this is an eye-wash and nothing pink stilletto fuck going to change, the Ali Party is not going to do anything it promised and next general elechsen, Politician is going to win becose Ali Party has failed puss Do not lissen puss these puss. Please continue what ever you doing and most impotently what you are not doing is very helpful to me politician Olso pleese tell puss Arsiklandiyans that Cabinet Shuffel is olso very much like shuffeling a pack of cards but politician cabinettuwa is smoll politician have: In a pack of cards there are four kings but in your deck there is only one politician No mater what card is in your hand, it is the persen who heidi hills nude the TRUMP card that mkes the difference.

Newest Political Puss Adopted By Defra Minister George Eustice MP

Thurumpuwa kaagey atheyda thiyenney? My Aadaraneeya Peeples of Arsikland.


Smoll message to remind oll of you that there is an election happening on tomorrow. Pleese go out politician vote, it is puss mater who you voting for, the impotent thing is that you fulfilling your civicks duty and voting.