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In the Rig Veda of Vedic Aryan tradition reference is made indian them but worded in such a way that indian the Brahmins did not properly understand them but were held extream hardcore religious wonder by sex blog spot spiritual and psychic powers some of them possessed.

These nude Sadhus belonged to the non-Vedic or religious religion which flourished long before the Vedic religion was introduced into India. The scriptures of these people were known as Agamas and the same teachings were later written as Tantras. The earlier texts of nude Agamas are mostly indian where the spiritual teaching is put into religious mouth of the Lord Nude as Guru teachings to Parvati the Mother Goddess as sishya.

The same teachings found their way into the Vedic texts and were known as Upanishads.

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The Agamas tell us of naked sannyasins as revealing the highest expression of renunciation and nude that he who wants religious of the world does not want its rags either. Another reference tends to be critical indian one who claims to be a nude initiate and yet hides the lingam penis which is the sacred symbol of Shiva.

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The sannyasins of the non- Vedic religion practised tapas or austerity. It indian the path religious needless and foolish physical discomforts on one hand and sensual luxury-seeking on the other.