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Sailing spoke with Jan-Willem van der Klooster, nude director of Saltyboysto see whether I could stowaway boys their next voyage. When did you establish Salty Boys?

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Are Salty Boys cruises just for nude men? What are some boys the destinations that your cruises could include? Wherever the sun shines and where the seas sailing pleasant sailing sailing. Also, we look at distances between interesting places and islands. A few hours of sailing per day is enough. Sometimes a few hours in the morning, nude again in the afternoon after some chill time in a nice bay.

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We want to make sure that we have time to go snorkelling or scuba diving, to explore boys picturesque harbour villages, or go for a walk to appreciate the boys or an amazing sunset. How popular are the nude cruises that you organise?

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nude What do you think the appeal nude naked leaky boob sailing is?

I think the male bonding aspect is definitely one of the good boys about our nude cruises. Do you need to know anything about sailing to go on a Salty Boys cruise?

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They usually assign a few guys for a few tasks to help out here and there before take off. The guys onboard can get involved or stay away from it as much as they want to.