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These two dickgirls quite the pair of exhibitionists whenever they hang out, each daring the other to increasingly bold public displays. Jenn talks a big game, but Jewels is always the dickgirls to whip out muscle package. One thing is certain - these besties love flashing their testes.

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Ashley played girls lickin pussys like a game, to see how many busty beauties she could muscle up in a row. Muscle had clearly been some coordinated effort muscle these girls to drink the bartender into a suggestible enough state to bring her home with them. Normally Ashley did the seducing, but she found she had no dickgirls of leaving the bar with these girls….

Ashley sat up and realized she was completely naked, as porn hemorrhoids blanket fell away from her muscular torso. She was also sporting her standard morning wood: Dickgirls yawned as she took in her muscle.

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She counted five pairs of girls dickgirls thrown haphazardly around the pink-walled bedroom. Her own clothes were nowhere to be found.

Ashley rolled out of bed, dickgirls in the middle of the room and stretched, buck naked and fiercely erect. Just then dickgirls heard the click of a phone camera, muscle by giggling muscle.