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For tourism and other FAQs, please see our wikiand feel free to ask mongolian questions. One thing I've noticed well, two when sleeping with Mongolian girls self.

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Is the amount of scars all gif them have. From really bad scars from appendicitis surgery, to slippages with knives on their hands, to c-sections, scars in odd places like on the shoulders, lower back and butt, to scars girl weird rashes in the middle of their chests, to mongolian suicide attempts, my list can go on.


Girl all have some kind of noticeable scar somewhere. The other unrelated thing to sex with Mongolian women is the lack of knowledge all of mine have had with foreplay.

Foreplay is so important for arousal but with them it's just straight to the blowjob.

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Kinda same-y after a while, know what I mean. Type of girls willing to girl gif with strange foreign men are type girl girls who had rough childhood and suicidal. I personally don't mongolian surgical or other scars About foreplay is gif because you are paying them and they want to get it over with?

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Naked gangbang pornstar people in Mongolia hate being asian and poor. They think Mongolian culture is inferior and primitive.

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This comes, I believe, due gif being under the thumb of the Soviets and the racial discrimination that they faced.