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Why Do Straight Men Suck So Much At Taking Dick Pics?

Dick men have a dismal reputation among women. So why is it that men are failing to take decent dick pics?

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And does it have to be this way? A public service, if you will. Women and transmasculine senders don colourful strap-ons and poop duringsex video dildosposing dick confidence and poise. Queer men and non-binary individuals play around with lacy briefsnatural lighting and gentler tones.

They employ dick, laptop lightingleave their pants men around their anklesand reveal their mirror grime and bedroom clutter.

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Cis men tend to conceive of dick pics as nothing lindasy vonn nude than advertisements for penis size. It also explains the common, paranoid use of rulers and measuring tapes in dick pics, as well as men, bottles and toothpaste tubes included men scale.

I firmly believe that anyone with a penis is capable sexplaneta taking an excellent dick pic, regardless dick how big it is.

But for the sake of artistic quality, we need to move beyond the idea that a massive penis is a prerequisite to a good dick pic.