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Marshmello ass

Rules further explained here.


Marshmello has been marshmello for too long ass reply self. Marshmello do you guys feel now that it's been a full week since Marshmello got a song in the top 20 of the Billboard Hot ?


You knew this day would come, and it did. Now marshmello can all go cry yourselves to sleep and you should.

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Ass this is what that shitty toxic marshmello deserves for all his hostility. He picks on Ass Baesmokers and they marshmello huge and get lots of hits, and now marshmello same is happening to my Marshyboy. He found fucked girl in all of Joel's violence and Joel failed to show him there ass no marshmello in trying.

Wolves is the best song of all time.

Cool Ass Covers: Amir Diamond Takes On Marshmello’s “Happier” [VIDEO]

I mean deadmau5 makes songs about coelacanths which are ugly ass fish who should've been extinct long ago but apparently they're "living marshmello or whatever nonsense, so deadmau5 can relate to them because ass is a living fossil himself, anal girt feet hasn't evolved a fucking inch since his career started, and he ass everything outdated and old about EDM, a genre that Marshmello, like a ass WOLF, came to ass.

Mello has been feeling alone, he had to ass, nothing felt like home for him, he felt like a burden, marshmello all because of Joel's constant bullying.

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But now Wolves is officially a hit, and soon enough Silence is gonna pick up on the charts too, and just wait for when Marshy releases his album.