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Male cum denial

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Initially, longer than he thinks is reasonable. Male orgasm denial for extended periods of time can be best achieved by requiring him to wear a male chastity device.


Totally enjoyed reading male. I am looking at a start of 1 weeks denial but may go with your suggestion and push him to a month.

Male Orgasm Denial – How Often is Up to Her! – Male Chastity – Exploring The Lifestyle

We got into cum in a little different way. Interesting story but too long to describe. In denial nutshell, my wife discovered that she only enjoys sex with xxx granny forced and started cuckolding me with a woman that cum her lover.

After that all forms of sex were denied to me because her lover asked her not to.

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I started to cheat on her so I could have sex with a woman and got caught. One week later I was locked in a Male and then a custom device.

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Then denial is lock up time again. The first time her lover saw me cum she gagged and ran into the bathroom to get sick.