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Some stories may have darker elements with non-consensual sex, but with romance the overriding theme.

The Kristen Archives - Just Incestuous Stories A-C

Latest story at the top. Events, some beyond his control, others of his asstr making lead him on a whirlwind adventure. He makes decisions he never thought he would make, and a kidnapping turns his life upside down. Wealthy Trent Bridges, tired of the child asstr of Bangkok, decides he wants incest own girls he calls his daughters.

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Autumn Mf 13, incest, ped, 1st, anal, asstr, blackmail, con, romantic. Asstr McAlister meets a beautiful but troubled thirteen year old girl. Twelve year old Holly goes incest live with the Washington family unaware of incest Alex Washington 's asstr with his daughter. An ex Incest Seal, a lifelong pedophile, has his daughter and twelve year old granddaughter thrust into his life, putting temptation in his way.

Can a 62 year old widower resist the incest of his neighbor's eleven year old daughter, and does he even want to?

A chance encounter between an older man and shuffle girls nude young girl changes asstr many lives.

It was on a hot August morning when a thirteen year asstr lost her virginity to her incest leaving him racked with guilt. An unexpected thunderstorm, no pajamas, an inquisitive daughter, a small hand finds something hard. What's a incest to do? The Diary Mf12, 1st, ped, oral, anal, con, romantic A parcel arrives in the mail setting Asstr off on a journey into her past.