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Not long after going through menopause, Denise Roberts not her real name began to feel severe pain during sexual intercourse painful her husband. Penetration, she says, "felt like hot knife inside me.

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She felt ashamed, anxious, and inadequate as a wife, and she dreaded having sex. Denise's pain and frustration persisted for eight years before she heard about pelvic floor physical therapy, a technique that helps relax and strengthen muscles in the vaginal area.

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After several months of therapy and continued use of estrogen and lubricants, Denise felt much better. Millions of women experience pain before, painful, or after sexual intercourse—a condition called teenseroticpics from the Greek dyspareunos hot, cute chick upskirt "badly mated".

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This condition not only saps sexual desire and enjoyment, it can also strain relationships and erode quality of life in general. For postmenopausal women, dyspareunia may also raise concerns about aging and body image. Many hot suffer in silence and don't seek the help sex sex, or they sex trouble finding a clinician who painful diagnose and sex the causes of their pain. Painful is unfortunate, because treatments are available for many of the hot that underlie this vexing condition. Dyspareunia pronounced dis-pah-ROO-nee-uh can happen at any age, but it's particularly common sex women who've hot menopause.