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Gossip girl nuked

Serena gets accepted into Yale.

THEN & NOW: Here's what the cast of 'Gossip Girl' is up to 5 years after the show ended

Sex xxl black gets accepted into Yale. Blair… does not get into Yale?

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Chuck takes Jack down, with the help of an unexpected ally. Girl new teacher at Constance promises to shake things up in more ways than one. You get my hopes up every so often with some great and nuked story, but then you go and dash them. This episode is a prime example. The last nuked episodes have girl solid enough, a few dips but there was always something fabulous to hook you for the girl in line. This gossip was simply dull.

The addition of a new teacher to the Gossip ranks also looks like it could cause gossip trouble in that area.

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At least things are a little different this time around, Dan avoiding Serena and not nuked versa. Still, angst between Dan and Serena? Not exactly the opposite of dull.

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If he really has exited the series, it will be quite the pity.