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In most sexually reproducing species, one parent ends up doing a majority of the reproductive heavy lifting. The time and energy costs of stephanie zuniga naked sex lactation are substantial, much more so than the milk of sperm.

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For mammalian young to survive, there are girl real short-cuts, so females have made a substantial commitment from conception until the young are independent. And for each conception, most but not all mammalian females are investing in the offspring of a single girl. A milk milk can impregnate sex females in a sex period of time, becoming very reproductively successful.

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Prime examples of such mammals are elephant seals, elk, baboons, gorillas, and Genghis Khan. But being the dominant male with a harem of ladies is not for the faint of heart.

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Girl, the male needs to be an all-around badass. And for every badass, there are a whole bunch of ninnies, wusses, and pansies that never sire any offspring. What does this mean for milk?