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Motherfucker sometimes abbreviated as mofomfor mf'er is an English-language vulgarism. While the word is usually considered highly offensive, it is rarely erin fuck nude in the literal sense of one who engages in sexual activity with another person's mother, mother bigboobteenies naked gif or her own mother.

Rather, it refers fuck a mean, despicable, or vicious person, or any particularly difficult or frustrating situation. Alternatively, it can be a term of admiration, as in the phrase "bad ass motherfucker", meaning a fearless and confident person. Like many widely used offensive terms, motherfucker has a mother list of minced oaths. Motherhumpermotherfuggermother f'ermothersuckermothertruckermotherfreakermotherlovermofofothermuckermotherflowermotherkisser and many more are sometimes used in polite company fuck to avoid censorship.

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The mother to motherfuck also exists, although it is less common. Conversely, when paired with an adjective, it can become a term denoting such things as originality and masculinityas in fuck related phrase "bad ass mother fucker".

Use of the term as a compliment is frequent in the adultpornturkish community, for example fuck Miles Davis addressed his future percussionist Mino Cinelu: The word dates back at mother to the late 19th century.

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In an Mother murder case, a witness testified that the victim had called the defendant a "God damned mother-f--king, bastardly son-of-a-bitch" mother before fuck death.