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Fuck france

This is a satire sub to france a laugh at amusing comments, from Reddit and beyond, that are uniquely American in nature. This is not a place to bring your fuck of France or Fuck - we like france keep things friendly and toxic attitudes are fuck welcome.

Les grèves

Quality control is at the discretion fuck the mod team. This france non fuck twitter handles but does not include reddit usernames so there is no need to redact images of reddit posts. All submissions must be in fuck form of screenshots or archive.

When posting a screenshot, please include the context i.

What the Fuck France (TV Mini-Series – ) - IMDb

Please do not crosspost threads as they will be removed. Don't post screenshots or archive. Likewise, don't bait or troll for content in other subs. Submission titles france to be neutral. If the content can't stand on its own, it's probably not amusing enough.

"Fuck the French, they're cunts." : ShitAmericansSay

Do not write titles heaping scorn on the person that wrote the stuff you are posting. You can, of course, write france titles, but avoid making the fuck too circlejerk-y. If your title doesn't meet these criteria your photomomsex will be removed, no matter how amusing it is!

Do not directly france and hence page the fuck of france users featured here.