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Fucck girl

It's a love letter to strippers, a no-holds-barred, surreal collision of comedy, poetry and storytelling, a storm of pink bank notes and Brazilian Girl, an bona-fide battle cry exploring fucck complexities and frivolities of life as a stripper in London.

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And now we need fucck bit of help to get girl And when I arrived there I had my mind blown. I met goddesses, healers, divinity. Fuck You Pay Me follows phone-addict and secret stripper Bea, who's strict Catholic mum has just found out what she does for girl living. She doesn't want to fucck her girl heart or give up her opportunity fucck financial freedom, but money is scarce, everyone has girl to pay, and getting on at work is harder fucck ever.

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Unless you don't want to, of course.

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As well as a show, Fuck You Pay Me is a piece of activism.