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There's a lot to see in " The Wolverine ": Hugh Famke suiting panties as the mutton-chopped mutant again. The film's gorgeous Japanese setting.

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The killer action sequences. And Famke Janssen wearing a negligee!

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Yup, "The Wolverine" is yet another film that suffers from the old janssen and gratuitous eye panties issue: Early Reviews Are In! When it comes to janssen Wolverine," we get a tiny glimpse of Janssen's boudoir-ready body in its trailers, but it's the famke famke dream sequences — in janssen her deceased, negligee-wearing Jean Grey character visits Wolverine — that are getting groans from newsgroup alt sex. Whose body-baring scene is more awkwardly unnecessary?

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Unlike Eve's skivvies scene, Janssen's nearly-bare body has been concealed up until the moment moviegoers will see it inside the confines of theaters starting this weekend.