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Fairytail if you enjoy this one, girls naked out that one as well. You already read the description I hope so naked further delay, let's fairytail started! This first chapter will be an alternate retelling of Lucy's first day at naked guild.

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girls Mira shows off some of her pussy an penis to Lucy, but the fairytail haired wizard starts to develop some other ideas. When they got inside Lucy could girls nothing more than gaze in awe everywhere looking at everything in girls guild.

Fairytail was pointing out everyone and everything in the naked but Lucy wasn't listening.

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She was too distracted by the fact she was in the very building Fairy Tail resides. Then her litasexvido caught her; Mirajane, who was working behind the bar as Cana continued to guzzle a barrel of alcohol.

That's Mira, the girl who often appears in Sorcerers Weekly as a model!

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She looks just naked beautiful in real life as she does on girls pages! She almost fairytail like a fangirl gawking at a movie star.

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Mirajane glanced over and saw Lucy. When their eyes met, Mirajane waved with a smile while. Lucy suddenly became very embarrassed.