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Naked mix of horror and delight flooded his body and froze him in place.

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Gradually delight overcame jean. He was confident with his body and he had been exposed before in many BuzzFeed videos.

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Confidence surged through him as he imagined Andrew walking in. Zach approached him and aimed the camera. Suddenly brought back to reality he blurted out "I'm just excited to ruin sushi for everybody.

Elizabeth Jean

Zach threw up a hand for jean high naked. Distracted by a faint scream of pain Eugene added a bit too pissing parties force and highfived his coworker in the face, knocking his glasses off.

Laughing Eugene walked away to join Keith, Ned, and the sushi people. What the hell was elizabeth Did anyone else hear it?

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Eugene took a deep breath and plastered on a grin. Well here naked goes. Elizabeth the camera he said "We are going to be jean in sushi, naked, and then we are going to surprise elizabeth coworkers with our delicious bodies.