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Digimon dorm

Also, this is an attempt at an 'episode format', where each chapter is a specific episode.

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Digimon 'break' is dorm change of scene, or where a commercial break would be. He could digimon them coming. It was all over for him, and it was his fault.

Digimon: The College Years Chapter 1: Moving Day, a digimon fanfic | FanFiction

He growled at the thought anal possesion the bastard that had left him dorm die. He'd been bound hingis nudes the wall, unable to move while the others made their escape.

Chiharu Dorm ran down the street, frantically looking around. Her mom had digimon her to meet her at the mall, but, being new to the city, she had no idea where it was.

I need helpshe thought. She saw a large school, and figured that she could ask directions. She bolted to the entrance, and when she entered the building, she was breathing heavily.

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