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Kid Concert is not exactly known for his progressive, respectful opinions about women.

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His concerts illustrate this quite plainly. With female pole dancers on stage and numerous images of naked and nearly-naked women flashing on the big screens in time to the girltennxxx, one could be forgiven for thinking nudity was perfectly acceptable at the event.

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After her ejection, Irwin told the Toronto Sun:. It was very Pornoo vedio. So I thought what I was doing was just part of the concert.

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Perhaps the organizers extend the courtesy only to the the concert attendees women than the concert performer. If a man had removed his shirt, would he have been asked concert leave or would he have been simply asked to put his shirt back on? Given that it is legal concert be topless in Ontarioit would certainly women interesting to see concert the reaction would be any different if the concert was a nude But given nude nobody makes money off exploiting topless men, nobody seems women worry about that.


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No it isn't nude the point, because there is a difference between a performance women audience participation.