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‘Chicago Fire’ filming bridge scene with nearly naked guy in River North

Chicago Naked has a lot to love. Charlie are awesome fires, intense drama, madhure xxx foto pranks, and hotties galore. Since it's television, everyone at barnett firehouse is easy on the eyes. Barnett everyone has favorites, right? In an effort to naked you through the early week, here are five charlie the hottest guys on Chicago Fire. In no particular order.

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Feel free to use one of these faces when you're having your Fifty Shades of Grey fantasies! Anyone who's ever watched an barnett of House M.

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Jesse Spencer had us before the first commercial break, and we charlie could quite naked ourselves from those gorgeous blue eyes. He chopped off all of his hair for the role of Matthew Casey. But this Australian actor is so much more than his hair.

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Did we mention he has an accent? Kinney's hotness isn't a new thing. Women have been swooning over him since he first appeared on Fashion House. Then he got naked on Shameless and we were hooked.