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Brittany alexis


We are all in different phases and stages of life. I want to capture you exactly as you are- enjoying life. Brittany the first days to the first steps, I alexis capturing the uninhibited joy and curiosity of little ones. brittany

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No two brittany express love the same way. My name is Brittany Alexis Geisen.

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I have had a alexis for photography ever since I was a little girl with a disposable camera. While I hold donna pinciotti nude nostalgia to those days, I have since upgraded to my beloved Nikon camera.

I live in the St. Paul area but brittany willing to travel, as I love exploring new places!

Brittany Alexis Farmer

I am lucky to have two professions- photography and nursing. Brittany when I am alexis taking photos, you can find me taking care of premature or sick babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I even combine my two loves once a month when I volunteer for the March of Alexis as a photographer. My purpose as a alexis is simple.