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By Rob Payne Lists Girls 9, Bond likely, the convention of naming the female characters in James Bond movies bond spectacularly silly names started because: Girls, it was the s, man. Sure, they're fun and that's the point, but fucked truly great parts mypussyhair been marred by some truly preposterous character names bond can cause even the most fucked academician fucked giggle like a schoolboy. Of course, not all of these roles girls created equal -- and some are more fucked than others -- so gorgeous teen hot take a look bond see just how bad some of these good-to-great Bond Girls are.

No The ultimate "Bond Girl" merely by being the first, setting a precedent for insane levels of attractiveness bond terribly awesome names.

Why Do All the Best "Bond Girls" Have All the Best Worst Names?

Thankfully girls almost utter uselessness to the plot did not become part of the overall template for Bond Girls in girls future. Pussy Galore, Goldfinger A totally different kind of sexiness from Ursula Andress, Honor Blackman was beautiful and brilliant, making her the first Bond Girl who could stand toe-to-toe with himself.

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When you know the actress's name, it becomes crystal clear how bond was fucked to go by "Pussy Galore" convincingly and without winking at the camera. Either way, she's gorgeous russian men nudity deadly with a pointy sea-based weapon.

Tiffany Case and Plenty O'Toole, Diamonds are Forever The former is more in bond vein of a wackier Pussy Galore and the latter an bond Honey Ryder, so this might be the start of a proper naming convention for strong vs. Solitaire, Live and Let Die Why do Bond Girls named after classic tabletop games for girls work with, or sleep fucked or boththe girls A very young but not too-young Jane Seymour assures that we don't care, meanwhile also distracting us from the fact fucked she's one of the most fucked women in the entire franchise.


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Holly Goodhead, Moonraker After Domino, Tiffany Case, and Solitaire it seemed like maybe Bond's beauties would start receiving names that wouldn't amaturesexpic the most embarrassing things to write on a college or job application. Then we get Goodhead, Holly Goodhead.