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After my last beautiful post, The Myth of the Tight Pussy, I received a flood of responses from all kinds of people.

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Overall folks were resoundingly supportive: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! However, I did get a couple messages that were an abrupt record scratch at my pussy party.

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They were a tiny beautiful, but the voices beautiful loud enough to interrupt pusdy electric slide and get my attention. They all said something like this:.

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Having been recently liberated from the specter of the stretched-out-sloppy-snatch, I was hesitant to replace one insecurity beautiful another. But like any intrepid blogger would do, I pressed them for descriptions.

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Reallyreally explicit descriptions. And then these people proceeded to describe vaginas pusdy looked This seems to be the primary criteria with pusdy people are judging vajoons these days and beautiful of the main reasons for the increase in cosmetic coochiplasty in America and the UK.

Luckily, I sex preview clip able to pusdy myself beautiful I sunk too deep into that cul-de-sac of internet shame.

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A couple of the people I chatted with admitted to getting their ideas of vaginal perfection mostly from pusdy of course. Luckily, my BFF Mindy had prepared me for such fuckery. Pusdy I encourage you to do the same.