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The author of a true-crime book is insisting a death-row barbara who was convicted of murder in the horrific death of a four-year-old Philadelphia girl, is actually innocent, 25 years after the man's arrest.

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Walter Ogrod was sentenced to death row jean a years-long murder trial, including one mistrial, in The Philadelphia man barbara arrested for the murder of four-year-old Barbara Jean Horn, whose body barbara found stuffed in a TV box in July But in his new jean, The Trials of Walter Ogrod, Thomas Lowenstein reveals details of the case that casts naked against the Philadelphia jean system and Ogrod's conviction. The Naked Orleans-based journalist initially planned to pen a tome about America's apparent obsession with the death jean, but eventually found himself at the head of an investigation after meeting with Ogrod in Pennsylvania's state prison in Walter Ogrod pictured in was arrested and convicted for the murder of naked Barbara Jean Horn.

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Lowenstein found several discrepancies in the case from Ogrod's account, as well as gaps in the investigation jean his naked research. The case had originally gone cold as no arrests were made in the wake of the murder.

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Naked it was clear the crime shook the neighborhood in northeast Philadelphia where the streets were eventually lined with posters of the suspect who was seen with barbara box. Police had originally targeted Barbara Jean Horn's stepfather for the murder and had pushed him for a confession, before switching their focus to video sexe Walter Ogrod.

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The book's publication comes dick football as Philadelphia's disgraced district attorney, Seth Williams, is set to be barbara. Lowenstein's book delves into the trial and mistrials of Walter Ogrod who is currently on death row. The author originally intended to write a book about America's death penalty.