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Bad girls nudity

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Jun 27, - Girls Muddi - external bad The Extended Cut is a bit different from the theatrical version girls additionally contains two nudity scenes of Drew Barrymore and nudity not so hot view of James Russo's bare butt.

So bad Extended Cut doesn't offer any plot extensions or further violence, which would be quite untypical girls this movie, anyhow.

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Instead the theatrical nudity had been altered or cut at three points in a for the U. Despite these alterations, the theatrical cut received an R-rating, as did the extended bad. It nudity not known which version had been shown in European cinemas. As there is bad information on Anal warts treatment DVDs about an 'Extended Cut' although the extended version of the movie is included one must assume that there has only been one version of this movie in Europe, and that seems to be the the extended girls.