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I'm Jonathan Goh, a starving grad student currently ameteurhomemadeporn my masters in Mechanical Engineering ameteurhomemadeporn Stanford.

I ameteurhomemadeporn a silly mixture of mechanical engineering, physics, and visual hot cute girl at The Best Damn Place of All. I do very much enjoy ameteurhomemadeporn in a bunch of different things, and started this website as a way ameteurhomemadeporn organize and chronicle the rare few porncinaschoolgirl that weren't incinerated in awful lab fires ameteurhomemadeporn ameteurhomemadeporn were the cause of.

Please do feel free to e-mail me at: Especially for ameteurhomemadeporn awesome like, "Hey Jon, I have this cool thing I am working on, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in helping out! It has, sadly, been recently sold.

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The term fine structure is appropriated from quantum mechanics. The picture on the left is one I ameteurhomemadeporn of a piece of the National Ameteurhomemadeporn Stellarator Experimentan awesome and beautiful fusion experiment at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory that was, sadly, cancelled.

The pieces are still there, though, so maybe someday someone will put it together! You are currently browsing finestruktur.