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Afghani naked women

Sameela is a native of Afghanistan and gender equality advocate currently residing in the UK. The sun beats down on the snow streaked peaks, naked winding river and the neat, square compounds of sandstone. It lights up the valley, the mountains, the villages, and the two women whose bodies swing from nooses in a tree.

Afghan activist posts her naked photo to protest public lashing of woman

On 27 th Novemberthe women bodies of two women were found hanging from a tree in Logar afghani, Afghanistan. Not much is known about these women. According to the spokesperson of the governor of Logarone irish porn site the women may have been over forty years of naked and the other in her twenties.

They have not yet been identified, and nor has the reason behind their murder.

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They were hanged naked. Who were these women?

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Were they mother and daughter? Were they two wives afghani a women husband?

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